Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

From masculine beauty trending on TikTok to men’s grooming brands, male body positivity is rewriting gender scrips. From make-up tutorials celebrating creativity driven by a diverse community of Gen Zers on the platform, to positivity movements like ‘bald positivity’ challenging the male hair loss stigma spearheaded by millennials on Instagram, expect masculine identity to evolve through beauty in 2022. Learn more

As a result, consumers are seeking out brands that aren’t defined by strict gender norms. Brands that prioritize inclusivity are incorporating gender-neutral language into their packaging and offering a range of both male and female models on their website. Additionally, beauty brands are launching virtual try-on tools that use avatars to allow consumers to explore their entire makeup collection – a model that OG beauty brand Givenchy recently rolled out in partnership with South Korean metaverse Zepeto.

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Beauty brands are also focusing on environmentally conscious ingredients. Livvy Houghton, senior creative researcher at strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory, notes that clean beauty is becoming more refined as consumers demand more specifics about what ‘clean’ really means. She says that we’ll see beauty brands drilling down into categories such as refillables, ‘blue beauty’ (cleaner products that are made to be safe for waterways) and upcycling to drive a deeper sense of environmental consciousness.

Genderless body care is another beauty sector that’s attracting major investors. From OG fragrance brands expanding their offerings with genderless body creams and hand sanitizers to new, male-focused skincare start-ups like Shakeup Cosmetics, it’s clear that genderless beauty is here to stay.