Metal Roofing Contractors Brisbane

Metal Roofing Contractors Brisbane

When it comes to Metal Roofing Contractors Brisbane, Strongguard has a team that can do it all. They deal with big residential roofing jobs like new home builds and fully re-roofing older homes, as well as smaller roof repairs and gutter replacements. They also handle all of the accessories that go with your roof, including underlayment, flashing and rainwater management systems. This latter point is particularly important in Queensland, where the heat and humidity can cause a buildup of moisture behind your roof that eventually leads to leaking and water damage inside your home.

They use only the best roofing materials, with a particular preference for Colorbond and Zincalume steel. This shows a good understanding of local conditions, as these types of metal roofs are designed to stand up to Queensland weather. They’re available in a variety of aesthetic colours, too. A light-coloured roof will reflect heat and reduce your need for air conditioning, while a dark colour will help retain the warmth during winter.

Shine in Steel: Unveiling Brisbane’s Premier Metal Roofing Contractors

In addition to their roofing services, they’re also experts in roof restoration. This involves re-bedding and sarking, re-roofing with modern metal roofing materials, re-pointing and replacement of old rotten timber batten supports. They can also install new vermin-proof roof cladding, including new fascia and guttering. All work is undertaken by experienced and licensed tradespeople, who will ensure that you get a high-quality roof.

All their work is guaranteed and they’re members of the QBCC. This means that they’re registered and must provide you with a copy of their insurance certificate for all work over $3,300.