Professional Water Main Replacement by ADI

Professional Water Main Replacement by ADI

Professional Water Main Replacement by ADI supply on your property, every drop of that water is monitored and charged to your account. If the water bill is much higher than usual and there are no other factors involved like extra people showering or filling a swimming pool, this could be a sign of a water leak in the supply pipe. Water leaks often cause serious damage and are difficult to detect unless you have the correct equipment and knowledge. Our engineers have all of this and more, including the latest in specialist technology to locate your leak and repair it.

A common sign of a leaking water main is brown or discoloured water. This is caused by water escaping the supply pipe and mixing with the soil surrounding it.

Beneath the Surface: The Professional Touch of Water Main Replacement by ADI

Our engineers are able to locate and repair these types of leaks using various methods including excavation, trenching and pipe lining. This method uses a special liner to fill the damaged section of pipe, preventing further water losses and allowing the water to flow normally again.

Milwaukee Water Works requires the replacement of all lead service lines, the copper pipes connecting the public water main in the street to the meter at the customer’s home. This requirement is based on a ranking of the condition of each segment of water main and its likelihood of failure. The ranking is created by weighting a variety of socio-economic indicators. These include the Area Deprivation Index (ADI), Educational Broadband Low Levels of Lead (EBLL) and Lead Service Line Density (LSLD).